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Kala Jeera Aromatic Rice

Kala Jeera is a traditional aromatic long grained paddy variety. It is easy to cook. It has delicate aroma, taste and texture. Used for special occassions like festivals.

Tussar Silk Journey

Tussar silk is derived from the threads of tussar silk moth cocoons. Tussar silk larva feeds on Arjun leaves and prepares its cocoons, after reaching final instar of the lava stage. The threads is separated from the cocoons, then the silk is weaved.

गुजराती फाफड़ा – Making of Fafda

We met this street food vendor in Ahamadabad. Fafda is gujarathi”s traditional food item.

వృక్షాన్ని రా.. నేను వృక్షాన్ని రా.

Singer David working as field staff in Sustainable Agriculture Forest Ecology Society.