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Weather Station@Musalreddigaripalli Village

Automatic weather station installed in Musalreddigaripalli, Kadapa to record data and measure at background for systems comparison trial in agriculture, this helps comparing crop produced under conventional and ZBNF in the same village. This must records rainfall temperature relative humidity and wend speed direction and transmits date on hourly basis through sim based network to… Read more »

Golden Tortoise Beetle

CSA Agricultural Scientist Raja shekar found this Golden Tortoise Beetle in his field.


Nirmala working as a teacher in Govt.Nehru Memorial High school @Hyderabad.


విత్తనాల ఎంపికలో రైతుల భాగస్వామ్యం

Native varieties seeds are brought back in to mainstream farming through this program. These are evaluated in farmers fields against locally popular improved varieties and Hybrids. On the day of participatory seed evaluation event farmers are made into groups and asked to observe, measure and feel the varieties grown in small plots in the trial…. Read more »