Turmeric from Guntur

Sri. Sivaramreddy,  Nutakki village, Guntur dist.

Practices followed ZBNF

Turmeric of 4 months 15 days

Sunhemp inter crop was harvested after 45 days, and used as mulch.

This obviated 3 rounds of manual weeding , saved Rs. 5000

ZBNF inputs:

200kg ghana and dravajeevamrutam for 3 times,

panchagavya once sofar,

total cost of cultivation Rs 2,300


G.Sambi Reddy, Nutakki, Guntur dist, AP

Chemical Farming

Turmeric Crop 4 months old, same village and same soil as the ZBNF crop

Inputs used:

4 bags Urea, 2 bags of SSP

already sprayed DM45 to control leaf spot.

Total cost Rs. 5000

Another Rs. 5000 in weeding costThe contrast between ZBNF and

The contrast between ZBNF and non ZBNF:

The height of ZBNF turmeric plant is 3.68 ft, having 12 leaves with 15 cm width

Non ZBNF turmeric plant height is 1.87 ft, having 10 leaves with 5. 0 cm width
Drought mitigation – minimising water usage through ZBNF.

Prakasam district Farmer, Kasaiah explains how ZBNF is helping him.