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Terrace gardening


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Inspired from City Farming in Cuba—This is probably India’s biggest Terrace Vegetable Garden covering 5000 sqft at a residential complex in Kolkata providing to the residents of the flat more than 25 types different kinds of indigenous vegetables round the year under completely organic inputs.
Developed by UTHNAU – Mallarpur-an organisation working on promoting Livelihoods with Dignity…..this is an attempt to bring in the real greens among the mushrooming concrete jungle in today’s metropolis….an attempt to giving back to nature—the lands taken over by the real estate….

The garden uses bamboo baskets as containers, coco pith as media, the frame is completely made of Bamboo….Drip irrigation using recycled water from the flats are used. The residents can take the fresh organically grown vegetables directly from their terraces…eating healthy and nutritious food and reducing food miles…..

Each vegetable basket produces 50-80 kg of different seasonal vegetables round the year.

For more information contact- Kunal – 09874355335 kunaldeb@gmail.com Soumik- 08294062742