Know Your Farmer – kistaiah


Kistaiah,  Enabavi Village, Jangaom district Telangana For the past 16 years, we have been practicing organic farming in Enabavi. CSA, in partnership with the NGO CROPS, convinced us to shift to organic cultivation. Initially, we were very skeptical. If farmers spraying so much chemical couldn’t get yields, how could we do it without any chemicals? But they persisted, held many meetings late into the night, and convinced us to start with small plots of land. Now, our village has 120 acres of cultivated land, all of which is completely organic. We’ve had 70 to 80 thousand visitors – students, farmers, government officials and visitors from 14 different countries. Organic cultivation is very easy to learn and do and you (farmer) should not be scared of [trying] it. We think all villages should convert to organic farming. You should eat healthy and change the environment. You shouldn’t worry after getting a disease, but prevent it through healthy organic food. We are proof of this. Before organic cultivation, we would give our entire crop as payment to the moneylender. And every year we had to take a new loan for input costs. We would spend a lot of money on pesticides and were left with no profits. After three years of shifting, we stopped taking loans for input costs. CSA has continued its partnership with the farmers of Enabavi, that remains a fully organic village. They have formed the Adarsha farmers produce company. Which markets its produce through Sahaja Aharam. The farmers of Enabavi produce organic paddy, cotton, fruits, vegetables and more.