Know Your Farmer – Malleswaramma


Malleswaramma is now the president of Gayatri cooperative. “We are a family of four – My husband, a son, a married daughter and I. As far as I can recall, my family has always been engaged in farming. All of the people in my village are also farmers. Since before forming our cooperative, I have been interested in organic farming. I had heard about non-pesticide management during meetings of our self-help-group. We started with an organic kitchen-garden for our family. Whatever we grow, we also consume in our home, for the well-being of my own children. We exchange the food grown in the village among the farmers of our cooperative and also the labor who work in our fields. This way, we can grow everything we need for consumption throughout the year (except rice).” Gayatri Mahila Cooperate Gayatri is an all-women’s cooperative in Musalireddivaripalle, a small village of 79 households in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. In 2010, the women of Musalireddivaripalle banded together to form a micro-credit and savings group. They have since used this partnership to help each other in times of crisis and work towards the betterment of their families and community. In 2014, through CSA’s work, 60 women of the village formed the Gayatri Mahila Cooperative. This year, Sahaja Aharam has procured millets, pulses, wheat, sesame, and more from them.