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వృక్షాన్ని రా.. నేను వృక్షాన్ని రా.

Singer David working as field staff in Sustainable Agriculture Forest Ecology Society.

Melody from Madhya Pradesh Tribal Women

Singer: Buri State: Madhya Pradesh Organisation: Samaj Pragati Sahayog(SPS)

Neem Seed Kernal Extract-వేప గింజల ద్రావణం

Neem seed kernal extract reduces cost of cultivation, enhance yield soil fertility and protect from uncertainties of climate changes. This extract controls tobacco caterpillar, sucking pest and leaf folder in all crops

Two spotted stink bugs-మిత్ర పురుగులు

Two spotted stink bug is a beneficial insects, contribute significantly to natural pest control on farms by attacking and killing variety of crop pests. They useful to increase trap crop efficacy.