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Terrace Veggies

    Inspired from City Farming in Cuba—This is probably India’s biggest Terrace Vegetable Garden covering 5000 sqft at a residential complex in Kolkata providing to the residents of the flat more than 25 types different kinds of indigenous vegetables round the year under completely organic inputs. Developed by UTHNAU – Mallarpur-an organisation working on… Read more »

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Rishi Kheti: Wheat under Trees

Raju Titus, Hosangabad, MP

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Bread, Butter and Garbage

Buried Under Piles of Garbage By Rajitha S Published: 18th December 2014 06:04 AM Last Updated: 18th December 2014 06:04 AM HYDERABAD: Four students from the Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad set out to find a subject for their year-end class project. They wanted to explore the socio, cultural and economic aspects of sanitation… Read more »

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बायो गैस से चलने वाले पंप

Purushottam bhai Patel is an industrious farmer in Shekhadi village (Petlad taluka, Anand district, Gujarat) who uses biogas to power his diesel pump for irrigation. We present a brief video case study about his innovation.

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जल खेत

A documentary film on rainwater harvesting directed by Anjali Nayar and supported by the IWMI-Tata Water Policy Program, Anand: