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Process of forming a Farmer Producers Organisation – A.P. & Digital Green

Farmer Producer Groups (FPG) helps farmers to organize themselves to address all significant concerns pertaining to agricultural produce marketing, reducing inputs costs with alternative methods like non pesticide management, farm mechanization, developing value chains and getting access to credit and information. This particular video has been produced with real-life farmers as actors in Shettipally village, …Read more »

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A Film on Farmer Producer Organization Produced by SFAC

A New Dawn – A Film on Farmer Producer Organization Produced by Small Farmers’ Agri-Business Consortium (SFAC)

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Land preparation & Seed selection – Farm Innovator Subhash Sharma 1

“Natural farming fulfills all basic requirements of living organisms precisely food, air and water. It is not limited to only human being instead applies for every alive soul in this universe,” says Mr. Subash Sharma, farmer and researcher, Farm Innovator. When he started natural farming in 1994 he didn’t knew much about its’ practices but …Read more »