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శనగలో వేరుకుళ్లు తెగులు నియంత్రణ

Root rot disease occurs severely in seeding stage. Dark brown lesions develop on stem ground level. Precautions: Seed treatment with beeja mrutham or trichoderma viridae In the last plough mix 2kg Trichoderma Viridae and 25 kg FYM and plough the field. By this way pest cannot be trasmitted.

Know Your Farmer-Ramayamma||krishi.TV||

Farmer: Ramayamma Village: Seetharamapuram Dist:Vijayanagaram

Know Your Farmer – VenkatRao ||krishi.TV||

Farmer:Rayavarapu Venkatrao Village: Seetharampuram Dist:Vijayanagaram Haritha Organic Farmers’ mutually Aided Cooperative Society