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Enabavi, the Organic Village

Enabavi, a small village in Warangal district, Telangana has created history in its own right to ensure itself a place in the agrarian history of India. The entire village has about 55 families, 300 acres constituting the village’s population of about 200 to become fully organic. This village is now free of pesticides, chemical fertilisers …Read more »

Natural Farming/ Smallholder Farmer/Success/ Inspiration

This a film about natural farming movement by 500,000 farmers in Andhra Pradesh. Farmers in Andhra Pradesh and all over the country in deep distress. Soils have eroded. productivity has plateaued. The costs of cultivation are increasing year after year. The riskiness in agriculture has increased. To overcome all these hurdles, the Government of Andhra …Read more »

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Apna Beej ‘Open Source Seed System’

An analysis of current crisis in seed sector in India and world and experiences in exploring an open source model. for more details you can see http://www.agroecology.in/oss

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H2Woes: India’s water crisis: a warning to the world

The Indian state of Punjab is undergoing a severe water crisis. Once an agricultural leader in India, it’s now turning into a desert. Farmers and other rural dwellers are going bankrupt over the need to pay for water delivered from other regions. In this drastic situation, the number of suicides has skyrocketed, but the authorities …Read more »

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Indian Food Wisdom & Art of Eating Right by Rujuta Diwekar (English)

Popular Celebrity Nutrionist Rujuta Diwekar elaborates on the importance of various Indian Herbs and Spices in meals. Indian Food Wisdom & The Art Of Eating Right by Rujuta Diwekar brings forth our ancient wisdom on what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, how to stay healthy and its relevance in our times. …Read more »