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a short film by Murphy on the occassion of ‘Delhi Chalo’ farmers march to Delhi, 28-30th November, 2018

Creating Political Will for Farm Livelihoods

Public talk  by Yogendra Yadav in Kisan Swaraj Sammelan2018,Organised by Alliance for Sustainable&Holistic Agriculture@Gandhi Vidyapith,Ahamadabad,Gujarat.

Creating Political will for farm livelihoods

Public Lecture by Dr.G.V.Ramanjaneyulu in Kisan Swaraj Sammelan 2018 @Gujarat Vidaypith, Organised by Alliance for Sustainable&Holistic Agriculture.

Zero Farmer Suicides – Let’s make it happen | Ramanjaneyulu GV And Anshul Sinha | TEDxHyderabad

The Agrarian crisis has been one of the worst disasters to have hit our country in last couple of decades. With 3.2 lakhs farmers committing suicide during this period the problem poses to be even graver than originally thought. It is difficult to identify the genesis of the problem, however issues plaguing farmer suicides have… Read more »