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Incredible Indian Inequalities

Today the top 1% of India owns half of the country’s wealth. The benefits of India’s growth of the past one and half decade have been largely appropriated by this small group. The conditions of the bottom half of the population have seen little improvement. Illiteracy, hunger and malnourishment in India has hardly changed, with… Read more »

Farmer Suicides and the Global food crisis: A Story not told

With the formation of WTO, a new international economic world order came into being. This has greatly affected the fate of farmers in developing countries across the world. While the successes of the new global trade regime have been appreciated, the issue of rising number of farmer suicides has faltered out of attention in the… Read more »

We are responsible

Director – Sahdev Gholap Cinematogrpaher – Saurabh Padwal Editor – Chetan Chaudhary

Candles in the Wind

A film on Agrarian Crisis and Farmers Suicides in Punjab http://www.psbt.org/ Directed by Kavita Bahl and Nandan Saxena | 52 min. | 2014

Killing our Livelihoods: The Juggernaut of Industrial Dairy Markets

Killing our Livelihoods: The Juggernaut of Industrial Dairy Markets The Milk Crises of 2015, India: Farmers Resisting Domestic milk markets in India are in crises. The Food Sovereignty Alliance- India (FSA), was alerted to the crises by its member small farmers from Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh and Medak district in Telangana.