GM crops

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Bangladesh: Bt Brinjal In the Dock

Bangladesh: Bt Brinjal In the Dock Details Published: 10 July 2016 A new documentary exposes GM Bt brinjal as a US project that has led to losses for Bangladeshi farmers. Report: Claire Robinson A powerful new documentary film, “Bt Brinjal in the Dock”, tells the story of the GM Bt brinjal venture in Bangladesh from …Read more »

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Genetic Gambling

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GM protest at Rahuri Agri University

On 29th October, 2014 against the GM field trials

Illegal spread of Herbicide Tolerant Cotton in Srikakulam dist

Interviewed by Sri. HR Prakash and Kiran Sakkari CSA and Rytu Swarajya Vedhika made a complaint to RCGM and Government of Andhra Pradesh a year back. the video was personally shown to the then agriculture minister and the commissioner agriculture (continuing). but no action has been initiated even till date.  more details