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Know Your Farmer – K.Yadagiri

Kommu Yadagiri, Adavi masjid Village Mulugu Mandal

Telangana: Harvesting suicides

Story on the Headlines Today on 15th November, 2014 Dried up crops owing to scarce irrigation facilities, inadequate rainfall, and dried up bore wells have turned India’s youngest state (Telangana) into a countryside of dead farmers and homes of mourning. Take a look.

Honey Hunters

Know Your Farmer-srinivas

Srinivas, Organic farmer, Mulugu village,

Edible Organic Roof-top Garden ‘Long’ tour!

“The whole nature conspires for a Permaculturist” So this is the video that I was planning to make for quite sometime, but just did not have enough time! Thankfully Sai Kalyan came along to help me shoot the video! In this video I have tried to document my garden in quite a bit of detail…. Read more »