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5th ਓਰ੍ਗਾਨਿਕ ਫਾਰਮਿੰਗ ਕੋਨ੍ਵੇਂਤਿਓਂ 2015

5th organic farmers convention 2015, Chandigarh on PTC news

దాన్యానికి లేవి లేనట్టే

ప్రతిధ్వని, ETV2  5th మార్చి, 2015

Imagining Research for Food Sovereignty

The Democratising Food and Agricultural Research initiative focuses on transformations needed for the democratic governance of food systems and, – more specifically -, on the potential role citizens can play in rethinking food and agricultural research for the public good.  Since 2007, this initiative has unfolded in the Andean Altiplano (Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru), South… Read more »