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Nirmala working as a teacher in Govt.Nehru Memorial High school @Hyderabad.

వృక్షాన్ని రా.. నేను వృక్షాన్ని రా.

Singer David working as field staff in Sustainable Agriculture Forest Ecology Society.

Melody from Madhya Pradesh Tribal Women

Singer: Buri State: Madhya Pradesh Organisation: Samaj Pragati Sahayog(SPS)

Manam marithe janam maroora – మనం మారితే జనం మారురా

Singer Giribabu from Enabavi village and Adarsha Farmer Co-operative member.

Voice of Working Groups for Women and Land Ownership

The Working Group for women and land ownership (WGWLO) is an informal, unregistered network of 35 NGOs and CBOs in Gujarat, working on the issue of agriculture land ownership from livelihood, security, rights and empowerment angle for women. These are CBOs and NGOs spread in more than 15 districts of Gujarat, working at the rural… Read more »