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Zero Farmer Suicides – Let’s make it happen | Ramanjaneyulu GV And Anshul Sinha | TEDxHyderabad

The Agrarian crisis has been one of the worst disasters to have hit our country in last couple of decades. With 3.2 lakhs farmers committing suicide during this period the problem poses to be even graver than originally thought. It is difficult to identify the genesis of the problem, however issues plaguing farmer suicides have… Read more »

మట్టి – వేర్లు వెతుక్కుంటున్న వ్యవసాయం Theme Song Telugu #Mitti-Back to Roots

A film on agrarian crisis produced by Farmers’ Champions Do you know the farmer who produced the food you ate in your lunch? Do you whether he/she is still alive? In a situation where 3.2 lakhs farmers have committed suicide in the last 20 years and every half an hour a farmer is taking away… Read more »

తెలంగాణా రైతాంగానికి ఏం కావాలి? # In Conversation with TJAC Chairman, Prof.Kodandaram || Full Interview ||

# In Conversation with TJAC Chairman, Prof.Kodandaram on Telangana Agrarian Crisis and way forward. .