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HIgh productive Banana Cultivation Part1- NATUECO – Deepak Suchde

Deepak Suchde promots a life style, based on NATUECO farming science leading five “L” Living, livelihood, learning, laughter and love all at same time & same place for ever and for every one without exploiting the Eco-System.

Escaping Pesticide Trap

The economics of addiction can be summed up in a few words: Sell a product that makes buyers need it more. Cotton farmers in Andhra Pradesh had descended into a seemingly hopeless abyss of escalating pesticide dependence and debt. Suicides were becoming common. “Non-Pesticide Management” was the tipping point that brought health and hope to… Read more »

NPM: Seeding the new knowledge movement

In the seventies, most Indians were awe-struck with the success of the Green Revolution, that we just did not question the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The film is evidence that we were grossly mistaken. Farmers in villages of Anantapur andWarangal districts have adopted NPM or Non Pesticidal Management practices and have grown food… Read more »