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పుల్లటి మజ్జిగతో తెగుళ్ల నివారణ

Butter milk controls all fungal spots,leaf spots, bacterial spots.

Slow Poisoning India

Documentry on how the use of Endosulfan (pesticide) has created widespread congential abnormalities in the children of Kochinim, Kerala. Also on how the rampant use of fertilizers and pesticides in decimating the ecology and how farmers are moving back to organic farming to ensure sustained development

Who’s trapped? The Pest or the Peasant

  A film on the irrational use of pesticides and alternatives – Produced by Pondicherry Science Forum: Directed by M.Sivakumar. Research & Script: Dr.T.Sundararaman, T.P.Raghunath: Production Year: 1993. Catalyzed & Supported by NCSTC, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.

Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell: Problems with Pesticides

విష వలయం

విషవలయం: పురుగు మందులు సమస్యలు