Soil Fertility

ZBNF methods adopted by Sh. Narayanappa.

1. Soil fertility: Ghana and Drava  jeevamrutham;

2. mulching with crop residues – for enhancing soil fertility, and reducing evaporation losses

3. Kashayalu – neemasthram, brahmasthram, etc, for pest management

4. Water harvesting structures:

a. Trench all round the field borders

b. Farm pond

c. Conservation furrows

d. Trees on bunds

Overall income comparison:

Sri. Narayanappa, expected  net income is Rs.92;829/-

in 2.5 Acres rain fed land.

Control Farmer:

Sri.D. Pennaiah, non ZBNF,  control farmer, same  Melavoy cluster.

He has sown only groundnut crop.. His expected net income is Rs.12500/- from 4.0 acres.

(harvesting not yet started)

( Harvesting not yet started)