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10 Outstanding Facts About Estonia

Estonia is a Northern European country that has suffered more than its fair share of occupation. Centuries ago, Estonia had to deal with rule by the Danish, then the Swedish, and—more recently—the Soviet Union. However, despite these challenges, Estonia has thrived and came into its own as an independent, democratic country. The most extraordinary thing… Read more »

climate resilience

Kurnool District – examples of climate resilience of ZBNF. Kurnool District, Konthalapadu village, non ZBNF cotton crop the damage is 45%. Same crop, Konthalapadu village, ZBNF cotton crop is healthy and damage is negligible Kurnool District, Bairapuram village, Bengal gram, Non ZBNF 60% damage Kurnool District, Loddipalli village, ZBNF Red gram field s, both the… Read more »

Drought proofing through ZBNF

Drought proofing through ZBNF – one marginal farmer in Anantapuramu shows the way. Sh. Narayanappa of Melavoy village, Madaksira Mandal Anantapuramu 2.5 acres, rain fed, Field lush green, fully covered with 44  different crops like horticulture; fruits  pulses;millets; flowers;forest species;oilseed; vegetables; fodder; medicinal value  plants ;