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Incredible Indian Inequalities

Today the top 1% of India owns half of the country’s wealth. The benefits of India’s growth of the past one and half decade have been largely appropriated by this small group. The conditions of the bottom half of the population have seen little improvement. Illiteracy, hunger and malnourishment in India has hardly changed, with… Read more »

TEDx: Poison on our Plate

Is our food safe? A red alert question that Ramanjaneyulu, puts out to all of us. Hear him talk about the quality of food we are eating. Listen to the reasons we need to adapt to organic farming as a results of excessive use of chemical pesticides and horrifying facts and statistics, surrounding them. He… Read more »

Walter Jehna on Regenerative Agriculture

#ClimateChange #ZBNF Walter Jehne is a prominent Australian Soil Microbiologist, former CSIRO Climate Scientist and found of Healthy Soils AUSTRALIA

Toxic Food: Satyameva Jayate Episode

8th Episode on Satyamev Jayate Season 1 telecasted on Starplus

Krantipadam (E)