Natural Farming/ Smallholder Farmer/Success/ Inspiration


This a film about natural farming movement by 500,000 farmers in Andhra Pradesh.

Farmers in Andhra Pradesh and all over the country in deep distress. Soils have eroded. productivity has plateaued. The costs of cultivation are increasing year after year. The riskiness in agriculture has increased. To overcome all these hurdles, the Government of Andhra Pradesh, India has seen natural farming as a best solution for a range of problems. T.Vijay Kumar Garu(Rtd), Honorable Adviser Department of Agriculture and Cooperatives Government of Andhra Pradesh.

“Since applying natural farming methods, the crop yields have improved. The soil quality has improved, Mother Earth is happy. She feels she must return good food and high yield for the care the farmer has shown her. I was born and raised on this land, One who trusts the land can never go wrong, She is Mother Earth, Ours is an organic connection, In bad times or good we cannot leaver her, Land is food, Land is life, :G.Narayanappa, small holder Farmer, Melavoy village in Anantapur District,  Andhra Pradesh.