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గుడ్డు, నిమ్మకాయ కషాయంతో ఉపయోగాలు-Egg Amino Acid

గుడ్డు, నిమ్మకాయ కషాయం, మొక్కల ఎదుగులకు, పూత, కాయ బాగా వచ్చేందుకు ఉపయోగపడుతుంది. రోగాలను తట్టుకునే శక్తి పెరుగుతుంది.

Trenching for increasing water retention

interview with Subash Sharma, Organic Farmer, Dorli, Yavatmal, Maharashtra

విత్తనాల ఎంపికలో రైతుల భాగస్వామ్యం

Native varieties seeds are brought back in to mainstream farming through this program. These are evaluated in farmers fields against locally popular improved varieties and Hybrids. On the day of participatory seed evaluation event farmers are made into groups and asked to observe, measure and feel the varieties grown in small plots in the trial…. Read more »

Edible Organic Roof-top Garden ‘Long’ tour!

“The whole nature conspires for a Permaculturist” So this is the video that I was planning to make for quite sometime, but just did not have enough time! Thankfully Sai Kalyan came along to help me shoot the video! In this video I have tried to document my garden in quite a bit of detail…. Read more »