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Who’s trapped? The Pest or the Peasant

  A film on the irrational use of pesticides and alternatives – Produced by Pondicherry Science Forum: Directed by M.Sivakumar. Research & Script: Dr.T.Sundararaman, T.P.Raghunath: Production Year: 1993. Catalyzed & Supported by NCSTC, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.

Producing Organic Papaya Seed

Dr. Ted Radovich, Extension Specialist at CTAHR’s Sustainable and Organic Farming Systems Laboratory, outlines how to screen papaya plants to determine which have not been genetically engineered, how to bag flowers to exclude pollen from other trees, and how to process seed. Funding from Hawaii Cooperative of Organic Farmers (HICOF), Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture,

Sunn hemp for Soil Health and Nematode Management

Dr. Koon-Hui Wang explains how sunn hemp cover crops can control nematodes and improve soil fertility in Hawaii