Farmer Suicides

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An estimated 290,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide in 20 years. Small farms were once the country’s economic backbone but now, owners struggle to make even a meagre profit and drown in debt. For some, the pressure is too much. Many blame GMO cotton for the failing farms, having cornered the market and replaced organic… Read more »

Telangana: Harvesting suicides

Story on the Headlines Today on 15th November, 2014 Dried up crops owing to scarce irrigation facilities, inadequate rainfall, and dried up bore wells have turned India’s youngest state (Telangana) into a countryside of dead farmers and homes of mourning. Take a look.

“ANN DAATA” Written and Directed by Satdeep Singh |

Written and Directed by Satdeep Singh |

This movie is based on the terrible problem of increasing farmer suicides. The movie attempts to look into the internal problems farmer community faces in their everyday lives.