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Tussar Silk Journey

Tussar silk is derived from the threads of tussar silk moth cocoons. Tussar silk larva feeds on Arjun leaves and prepares its cocoons, after reaching final instar of the lava stage. The threads is separated from the cocoons, then the silk is weaved.

Enabavi, the Organic Village

Enabavi, a small village in Warangal district, Telangana has created history in its own right to ensure itself a place in the agrarian history of India. The entire village has about 55 families, 300 acres constituting the village’s population of about 200 to become fully organic. This village is now free of pesticides, chemical fertilisers… Read more »

Synthetic rice

The news about fake rice originated in Taiyuan, Shaanxi Province, China where resin (a sticky organic substance from some plants and trees) is reportedly common. The fake grains were made of mixed potatoes and industrial synthetic resin which can be deadly if eaten on a daily basis. image source Health experts are warning people that these plastic… Read more »