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Creating Political Will for Farm Livelihoods

Public talk  by Yogendra Yadav in Kisan Swaraj Sammelan2018,Organised by Alliance for Sustainable&Holistic Agriculture@Gandhi Vidyapith,Ahamadabad,Gujarat.

AIKSCC- Kisan Mukthi Sadassu

Joining Nation wide movement for “Kisan Mukthi Bill” “Assured Remunarative Price for Agricultural produce Bill,” “Farmers freedom from Debt Bill”

Ensuring Income Security for Farmers #InConversation with Devinder Sharma

Devinder Sharma is an award-winning journalist, writer, thinker and researcher respected for his views on food and trade policy. His writings focus on the links between biotechnology, intellectual property rights, food trade and poverty. He is a regular contributor to leading national print publications. He is strong propounder of Farmers Insecurity Policy He blogs at