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Nutrition Garden@National Institute of Nutrition,Hyderabad

NIN kitchen Garden at Hyderbad

Prof. Viswanath: The Extraordinary Aam Aadmi

Published on May 5, 2015 We found yet another gem of the Bengaluru city, a life savior, Professor Vishwanarth Kadur who explains how chemicalised vegetables & fruits, poison the body causing deadly illnesses. This man found a way around it. He started composting household waste and used the manure to grow his own food on… Read more »

सज्जा पर सब्जी

This video is about low cost organic terrace farming. Sandip Chavhan who lives in Nasik city of Maharashtra recycles biodegradable waste very simply and grow organic vegetables. He use scrap material instead of ready-made pots. it not only reduce cost but an effective way to reuse. This terrace farming has reduced his dependence on market… Read more »