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ପାଣି Hiracud: War for Waters

50 years since 350 villages were forcefully displaced to build Hirakud Dam, the displaced people are yet to enjoy the fruits of development. On the other hand the state government has now announced to sell the water in the reservoir to metal companies making a beeline for the state’s mineral wealth. This is a campaign… Read more »

SWAR: Irrigation at the roots

In many rural parts of India, farmers experience the consequences of water shortage on a daily basis. Therefore, the Centre for Environment Concern (CEC) has introduced a new type of irrigation, which is called SWAR. SWAR is an irrigation technology which combines old Indian wisdom with new materials in order to use the available water… Read more »

Pool in: Participatory Groundwater Management in Telangana

A first in a series of films looking at Participatory Groundwater Management. This film features the work of Arghyam’s partner WASSAN (Watershed Support Services and Activities Network) in groundwater stressed parts of Telengana and Andhra Pradesh and the impact of bore well pooling on farmers in the region.

India’s Barefoot Water Scientists

In southern India, the climate is becoming unpredictable and drought more common. Indiscriminate pumping from shallow aquifers shared by many farmers has caused abnormal drops in water levels. When a well goes dry, a farmer loses his crop. Six thousand farmers have been trained in groundwater management by a project run by Indian NGOs and… Read more »